trendminer.views.view_info module

This module only contains the class ViewInfo

class trendminer.views.view_info.ViewInfo(name: str, identifier: str, tags: List[trendminer.data_reference.DataReferenceDescriptor], layers: List[trendminer.layer.Layer], live_view_time_frame: Optional[trendminer.time_period.TimePeriod] = None)

Bases: object

Summary of the parameters of a view.

data_reference_descriptors() → List[trendminer.data_reference.DataReferenceDescriptor]

List of all data references in the view. A data reference does not need to be visible in every layer.


list of data reference

identifier() → str

Identifier of the view. Used to fetch the view information and data defined by the view.


view identifier

is_live_view() → bool

Is this a live view?


True if live view

layers() → List[trendminer.layer.Layer]

List of layers included in the view


live_view_time_frame() → Optional[trendminer.time_period.TimePeriod]

Time frame in case of a live view.


Time frame of live view

name() → str

Name of the view


view name